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Increase max emails per hour for a single domain in cPanel

By default cPanel will take the maximum email per hour limit from the WHM tweak settings, sometimes we need to add extra privilege for a domain, to override the WHM setting follow below steps.

Before editing the configuration files make a copy of the same.

Go to the following file and add the domain name.

Eg: = 1000

Just add an entry like “ = 1000 . Now 1000 will be the maximum email per hour limit for domain.

But please make sure that you have executed the following script after updating the file /var/cpanel/maxemails.


Above script will update the email setting in the cPanel database.


Cpanel password reset from Server

We can reset the cPanel password through command line interface also,

For updating the user password follow the steps.


  • /scripts/chpass <username> <password>
  • After running the script always run the following script, that is to sync the FTP and the User accounts.

  • /scripts/ftpupdate

However it is best to reset the password using the WHM