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./ovftool.exe –sourceType=”OVF” “c:\FTPStorage\w10-gold-005\W10-GOLD-005.ovf” “vcloud://\W10-GOLD-005.ovf”


Delete a Snapshot

You can permanently remove a snapshot from vCenter Server.


1.  Select Inventory > Virtual Machine > 
     Snapshot > Snapshot Manager.

2. In the Snapshot Manager, select a snapshot by clicking it.

3.  Click Delete to permanently remove a snapshot from 
vCenter Server.

4. Clicking Delete All permanently removes all snapshots from
 the virtual machine.

 Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.


Updating webailzer status manually in DirectAdmin

Webalizer is a Graphical tool used by both the administrators and the Website owner to analzye the site traffic and hit

Webalizer stop working due to the absence of log files getting updated.You can use the following command to update the log files manually .

To update the webstatis for a domain, follow the below steps

/usr/bin/webalizer -p -n |DOMAIN| -o /home/|USER|/domains/|DOMAIN|/stats /var/log/httpd/domains/|DOMAIN|.log

Below given the method to update the status foe the domain

The below is the example for the updating the log files for the domain ” ”

/usr/bin/webalizer -p -n -o /home/l3admin/domains/ /var/log/httpd/domains/

After completing the same wait for few hours to complete the Log rotation.


Reinstall Exim

Exim is one of the Mail server running with cPanel. In any of the cases if Exim continuously fails a complete reinstall will fix the issue.

Follow below steps to reinstall Exim manually.

Before reinstalling the Exim move the Exim.conf

mv /etc/exim.conf /etc/exim.conf.bck

After moving the Exim.conf move the file also.

mv /etc/ /etc/

Run the below Scrip to install the Exim under the cpanel.

/scripts/eximup –force


Exim Commands

Common Commands In Exim

exim -bt “email address” how exim will route a address:

exim -Mvh messageID View Header for message

exim -Mvl messageID View Log for message

exim -Mvb message-id View a message’s body

exim -bt “emailid” how exim will route a given


Qmail Commands

To show the number of messages in the e-mail queue:


If there are several messages in the queue, you can list them with:


If there are several messages in the queue, you can list them with:


Mail Quee in Qmail



Change ASP uploadlimit in Windows

You can change ASP uploadlimit in Windows servers with the following steps

Open IIS (Start->Programs->Administrative Tools-Internet Information Services)
Right-Click the server name and select Properties
Check the Enable Direct Metabase
 Edit box and hit Apply Next browse to and open with notepad the Metabase.xml file.(C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\MetaBase.xml)
Search for “ASPMaxRequestEntityAllowed” and change its value to  the required one, here the value represented in Bytes.
Save changes in Notepad and exit.

Disable passive mode in FileZilla

Please find the following steps to disable passive mode in FileZilla FTP client.

These steps are for FileZilla FTP client v 3.0.11. These steps may be
applicable to other versions.

  • In FileZilla FTP client, access “settings” dialog box from FileZilla -> Edit -> Settings
  • Access/ Click  Connection -> FTP in settings dialog box.
  • In the Transfer mode options in right panel, Uncheck “Passive mode” and check “Active mode”.  Please reconnect to the FTP site  to get connected.