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VMware Horizon 7 – Instant Clone Desktops

VMware Horizon 7 comes with new feature INSTANT-CLONE DESKTOPS

VMware Horizon 7 remotely delivers a virtual Windows desktop experience to a user’s endpoint device from centralized VMware vSphere enterprise servers. In comparison to physical desktops, virtual desktops improve IT responsiveness, and the centralized delivery enhances application and data security. The new VMware Instant Clone Technology included in the View component of the Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition improves and accelerates the process of creating cloned virtual desktops over the previous View Composer linked-clone technology. In addition, instant clones require less storage and less expense to manage and update because the desktop is deleted when the user logs out, and a new desktop is created using the latest master image.



This white paper is for View administrators who are considering using instant clones. It provides a technical explanation of Instant Clone Technology and its benefits and limitations.