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January 7, 2011

Create bootable USB for Network Installation

Nowadays in most of all the environments Linux systems are used, so there comes the need of installation over the network and here we¬† need a bootable CD (Boot CD). In common these CDs are know as “netinstall” CD’s. A boot CD is one which contains only the resources for booting up a system and the essentials packages that supports networking. Sometimes we need in a boot CD and it may be required for only time use here we can use the bootable USB (OS boot from USB).

Commonly in RHEL and CentOs the installation tree consists of a directory called “images”, here we can find the file named “boot.img” or in another name “bootdisk.img”.

We can use these images with the “dd” command to make the USB stick bootable. Consider the file as boot.img,

Steps to make bootable USB stick.

dd if=<path to boot.img> of=<usb device node>
example: dd if=boot.img of=/dev/sdb
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