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January 9, 2011

Proxy Support for YUM

All of us know the Package Management System of Linux distributions makes it very easy to Install, Update and Upgrade softwares. In a network environment there may be a proxy server (eg.Squid) present in most of the cases. If the proxy is configured over the network there is a chance to block the yum  and it can not directly communicated with the Yum repository or Yum server.

To make sure that  Proxy server is aware of the Packet Management System  we should do the following  settings  in the configuration file, here we are explain in the case of  YUM.

The following changes are to be done in the master configuration file of YUM

Open the Yum configuration file and add the following lines,


Serch for the following entry in the yum.conf


Consider the below given exmple, make sure to replace the proxy server name and port number to replace with your original one.


In the case of proxy server with authentication, the following two directives can be used to specify the username and password of the squid server.

proxy_username = squid_acc     #username

proxy_password = asd123         #password

Now you can use YUM with squid and note that this is the global configuration and all those users who can use YUM will use this username and password for YUM.

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